Indigenous Policy

Indigenous Policy

Our Policy

BFX Furniture treats all associates, employees, customers and suppliers equally. Regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, family status, race, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, age, disability, or any other immaterial influence.

Opening Up Employment Opportunities

BFX Furniture aspires to reach out and partner with community organisations, businesses, industries and governments. The purpose of such partnerships is to not only build relationships, but also to develop programs that improve Indigenous Australian employment opportunities.

Building Meaningful Relationships With The Indigenous Community

BFX Furniture’s objective is to build joint beneficial partnerships based on respect through the involvement and contributions made by Indigenous Australian employees in business related activities.

Past, Present & Future Activities

Upgrading Educational Facilities

BFX Furniture worked with Aboriginal Communities in remote areas of Queensland with the goal of improving Indigenous Students Leaning Environments. Within island communities we worked with a team to upgrade education facilities with new furniture. This was a non-profit initiative that included significant donations.

Training Services in Delivery & Installation

BFX Furniture has employment opportunities that fall outside the main Sunshine Coast factory, warehousing and distribution facility, as well as large project works in distant areas. In such areas, BFX staff manage and facilitate the training of labour hire employees on site in furniture delivery and installation. We aim to increase the employment of Indigenous Australians at the level of their representation in the community, or greater, as we recognise that Indigenous Australians make up 2.5% of the Australian population.

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