Classroom Desks & Tables

When it comes to classroom furniture, having the right kind of student desks and tables are essential for learning and productivity. Whether you’re looking for classroom furniture for young children or young adults, we have everything you’ll need. BFX offers a wide range of classroom desks and tables for elementary school, junior high school, high school and even college and university students.

Classroom Desks and Tables for the Modern Learning Environment

Our patented Smartable™  student tables collection have an adjustable height feature to provide flexibility, personalisation and advanced ergonomics benefits. Students have the option to adjust their table height based on their personal preference.

Gone are the old clunky wooden tables, and at BFX we introduce a more adaptable style of table suitable for the 21st century. Our furniture solutions fit into the modern learning environment. Our company aims to revolutionize the education industry and help students learn, collaborate, connect and communicate.

BFX is the premier online supplier of furniture for libraries, schools, universities and TAFEs in Australia. With over 40 years of service and prestigious certifications under our belt, we are confident that our smart furniture solutions are made to fit all of your classroom needs. Although we are an online supplier, we maintain a strong presence among all the major markets in Australia including Gold Coast, Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

Our philosophy behind our classroom furniture is to provide customised and affordable products to students in order to facilitate learning, creativity and collaboration. We are confident that the design and manufacturing of our physical products improve both social and learning outcomes for students.

The Difference

We differentiate ourselves from other furniture companies with our commitment to quality assurance. Our company has passed a multitude of quality certification tests that examines strength, safety and environmental sustainability. BFX has the largest range of independently certified products including passing the AS/NZS 4610, a certification specifically to furnitures for schools, the SGS & AFRDI, a certification for minimizing the use of earth’s resource for sustainability and the SGS, a global network of laboratories to test furniture products.

BFX Customer Service

We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive everything they need to create a flawless classroom space. At BFX, we strive to make online furniture shopping effortless. Our expert consultants will help guide you through every step from selecting the right pieces for your goals and budget, to color choices, delivery, installation and even rubbish removal. Don’t just browse on our website, we encourage customers to checkout our showrooms conveniently located across Australia such as our Brisbane, Maroochydore, Townsville, Sydney and Melbourne showroom. If you’re struggling for ideas or just need a bit of inspiration, our showroom will provide endless options of designs of school library furniture to spark creativity, futuristic learning and visual thinking. Our showrooms will give you a sense of possible themes to select for your dream classroom, so you don’t have to worry about picking furniture that might not match your style or goals. With over 50,000 products that include warranty, we offer the best prices among our competitors to ensure you don’t have to pay a fortune for school classroom furniture. On our website, you may browse by different categories or view our classroom desk and table on sale items.

Height Adjustable Classroom Tables

With our trademarked SmarTable™ products, students can adjust to 5 different heights with a simple push button mechanism. No need to use any tools, our table comes with a simple to use self-locating lock device. This allows students and teachers to adjust their table height to their own comfort or year level. We’ve broken down the recommended heights for students based on grade level and our height adjustment levels are 520, 580, 640, 700 and 7600 mm high. For many schools, many different students walk into a classroom per day. Therefore, we make it easy for students to adjust their height prior to class starting. Comfort and increased learning for students isn’t our only priority when designing and manufacturing our SmarTables. We prioritize the health of our end users as well. Desks with a set position can incentivize slouching leading to lower back pain and neck strains. Our tables also feature tabletops that are made from environmentally sustainable E0 Board ensuring cleaner air quality in classrooms everywhere. All of our tabletops are built to last due to our high tensile steel frame material to withstand heavy load capacity. To add further strength and durability, we have a fully welded frame system to ensure the table is sturdy. With old tables that use screws and nails, table legs can wear down over time causing an unbalanced working environment.

Single Student Classroom Desks

Not every classroom or learning environment is the same. Depending on the subject taught, there needs to be a desk that fits the purpose for each classroom. For example, test taking or quiet study would require single student desks, where each student is isolated from one another which helps promote focus. Our single student SmarTable™ includes different shapes such as the Twist Single Student Table, Carve Student Table and Jotter Table. Our single student desks are extremely lightweight and mobile, so re-arranging desks is not an issue.

Whiteboard Surface Classroom Tables

One problem with the old way of learning is failing to realize that students tend to learn differently depending on the individual. There are four primary types of learners which are visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic. At BFX, we offer SmarTables™ with a whiteboard surface that allows students to write and erase on their desk with a dry erase marker to promote collaborative and creative thinking.

When students are working on a project together, it’s very beneficial to draw or write out their ideas. While you can technically just write them out on paper, students will have a larger space to work with and be able draw out their ideas creatively. Being able to see their outline written out, drawing up a draft of their art project, or write out their problem area of their code, gives end users the ability to visually connect the dots and brainstorm new ideas. For elementary schools and pre-schools, you can use these whiteboard murals as a place to play such as student drawings, games of hangman, poems and more.

Mobile Classroom Desks

Having the option for mobile desks will save your school a lot of time and energy especially when it comes to classroom setup. The student count for each classroom is continuously changing every semester, and having a desk with wheels allows your staff to easily move tables and desks around with ease. No more having to strain yourself carrying heavy desks or using clunky dollies, instead simply roll these tables inside classrooms or storage rooms with ease. Our heavy duty castors make your classroom furniture more agile than ever before.

Multiple Student Classroom Tables

Shop our full range of multiple student desks which come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a round table for student group discussions, double student tables for duo project pairings or a boomerang table excellent for lecture style classrooms, we have something for every learning environment. Having multiple student desks are great for collaborative discussions, so that students can bounce their ideas off one another. In most workplace environments, being able to work as a team is essential. Therefore teaching students to work together and share ideas amongst one another is a crucial stepping stone to success. These tables also offer a wider capacity for students to spread their school supplies giving them ample space to work in.

Sit Stand Tables Classroom Desks & Tables

Many of our height adjustable tables also have the ability for students to adjust to a standing height. Standing improves blood flow and circulation which increases the ability to concentrate. Even in the most healthy ergonomic sitting position, humans weren’t made to sit all day. Sitting in uncomfortable positions can cause pressure on the intervertebral disc. The most ideal situation is to alternate between sitting and standing positions to keep our bodies healthy and active. Active learning requires movement and students have reported an increase in attention span with sit stand tables. Furthermore a study done at the Mayo Clinic demonstrated that students can burn an additional 340 calories per day simply by adjusting to standing for 1-2 hours per day.

Fresh Colour Choices

Customise your table by choosing the colours for each tabletop. We offer a wide selection of colours of harmonious and vibrant colors such as in Zenworks, New Graphite, Rural Oak, Raw Birch, Blue, Polar White, Natural Oak, AquaMarine and many more. With 22 colours to choose from, you can bring your dream classroom to life.

To further enhance your classroom look, we recommend Coloured Edging to add an extra flair to your tables and desks. Having these colours are perfect for colour coordinating groups to easily assign group projects and different tasks.

Create Fun Configurations

With the different shapes such as twist arcs and boomerang shapes, let your students create their own configurations by creatively rearranging tables for group projects. With our tables, you can promote a more interactive experience to help make learning more enjoyable for everyone.

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