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The Pulse Connect Zone is a relaxed freeform space in which students can connect with their learning and one another. The configuration creates a casual and comforting environment that encourages students to interact with one another, their teacher and learning activities.

Students can comfortably work together on the wide SmarTable™ Crew™ Round table top. Modular seating such as the Snake Ottoman transforms classrooms into new generational learning spaces.

When teachers and students are relaxed in the space, maintaining lasting and supportive relationships becomes not only easy but essential to learning. Students are more likely to get excited about studying and classwork when they have an interesting space to fully explore a subject.

  • 7 Year 7 Year Warranty
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Ideal for:


  • 2 x SmarTable™ Crew™ Round
  • 4x Cushox Round Ottomans
  • 4x Snake Ottomans – Static


  • Modular seating which can be rearranged into heaps of configurations
  • Wide table tops for singular or shared use
  • Height adjustable tables to suite all year levels
  • Available in a large range of made to order fabrics & finishes
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