Boardroom Tables

A boardroom is essential for any growing business or established company. It’s the place influential decisions get made, real change happens, and people connect with the shared goals of the company. A purposeful boardroom should exist at the very the core of the modern workplace.

It’s the go-to place for different departments to share status reports, updates and set weekly goals before heading back to their workstations to get down to business.

A boardroom is an ideal place to hold both formal and informal meetings rather than in employees designated work areas. With rows and rows of desks hidden behind office partition screens, it can be quite difficult to engage all staff.

Having a focused and dedicated meeting space around a boardroom conference table setting ensures there are minimal distractions and that everyone can be seen and heard.

Boardroom Essentials Checklist:

  Wide enough to accommodate both large & small meetings
  Sufficient room to accommodate up to a 20 seater boardroom table
   Accommodate audio-visual equipment like smart TVs & conference calls 
   Integrated power and data ports for easy tech accessibility & charging

  Sleek & modern table finishes

Boardrooms Leave a Lasting Impression

Office design plays a crucial role in leaving clients with a lasting impression of your business. This is especially important if they're going to spend a significant amount of time in a meeting space like your boardroom. A cheap, poorly designed and outdated room communicates to the client that your business isn't modern or progressive. An indicator that your business or services might not be either.

What Do We Use Boardrooms for?

  • Client meetings
  • Presenting ideas
  • Conference calls
  • Meetings
  • Brainstorming
  • Keeping confidential conversations behind closed doors
  • Uniting a dynamic team
  • Creating a connected culture in a dedicated space

We Make Custom Boardroom Tables

Whether you are looking for modular boardroom table, a boardroom table with power, a large white boardroom table or even a timber finish boardroom table. BFX can custom make your next executive boardroom table to your exact specifications. Including adding power and data outlets in a hidden compartment.

If you believe your boardroom needs some TLC, book a FREE on-site appointment with one of our Office Furniture Consultants. We'll work with you every step of the way to design a boardroom that will grow your company culture, boost productivity and wow your clients. We have locations and consultants in Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Townsville and more.

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