Soft Seating

The first step to creating a flexible open plan learning environment is re-thinking traditional student seating and incorporating a variety of soft seating and modular seating solutions into your layout. BFX has a wide range of ottomans, modular lounges, mobile booths, matts, bean bags and cushions to choose from.

In student-centered classrooms, students choose a seating option that complements their own learning style and preferences. Providing a variety of soft seating options allows them to experiment and discover how they learn best.

It may be lounging in a bean bag or floor cushion, or huddled in a mobile booth with a small group or seated on an ottoman.

Student seating should be able to adapt to each individual student's needs.

Combining modular seating together allows students to create learning zones that suit the activity.

Combine traditional student chairs with self-balancing stools, ottomans and balance balls for a more active seating environment. Make sure you include some comfortable bean bag chairs in your reading corner.

Our soft seating solutions are constructed from high-density foam and can be upholstered in any of our various fabrics, vinyl and melamine.

We also carry all-in-one multi-purpose soft seating and shelving solutions.

The best thing about our range of soft seating is the amount of versatility and endless configurations each product allows.

Browse our full range at your leisure. If you need help, one of our Expert Education Furniture Consultants will be ready to give you advice.

How Do You Know You’re Getting the Best School Furniture?

The only way to know for sure that you’re getting a high-quality school furniture is to ensure it has been properly tested and certified to Australian Standards. BFX hold the largest amount of independently tested products by AFRDI.

Our 7 year warranty guarantees that you have the peace of mind and quality assurance you need.


Talk to one of our Expert Education Furniture Consultants today. We'll help you fit-out your entire school with BFX Furniture and make it a Future Focused Learning environment where students thrive.




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