Fanfare Mobile Porcelain Whiteboard


Fanfare Mobile Porcelain Whiteboard

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The Fanfare Mobile Porcelain Whiteboard is the perfect teaching companion in the classroom.

Mobile, height adjustable AND it comes with storage tubs!

Fanfare is sure to be a student favourite.

Using Screens & Visual Aids in the classroom gives you more variety in your teaching style and delivery.

Students can doodle, brainstorm or jot down ideas on the whiteboard and then erase when finished. Or, simply flip the whiteboard over to use the other side as well.

The storage tubs are great for packing away whiteboard markers, erasers, magnets or any other classroom equipment.

The best thing about the Fanfare Mobile Porcelain Whiteboard has got to be its easy height adjustment feature. Whether your students are primary, secondary or senior age, they’ll be able to use the whiteboard surface at a height that is ideal for them.


  • Porcelain and Magnetic
  • Height Adjustable 1360 to 1750