Healthcare Furniture

BFX aims to improve the quality of life in hospital facilities by designing and supplying high-quality healthcare furniture for patients and staff.

Functional areas with a variety of furniture for all aspects of health and aged care facilities.

We recognise that that the key to creating wholesome hospital environments is to design spaces with the end user in mind. The patients, visitors and healthcare staff who use the spaces every day.

When we design Healthcare Spaces we focus on 2 things - Wellbeing and Workflow.

Healthcare Furniture for Better Patient Wellbeing

We can supply hospital dining room furniture, hospital room furniture for patients including bariatric furniture, hospital bedside furniture and hospital seating including patient lounges, visitor chairs, office chairs and more. 

The design and layout of patient centric areas are vital for ensuring the comfort and well-being.

Stark and depressing patient rooms can negatively impact upon a patient’s perception of not only the healthcare facility itself but also their mental state during their recovery.

Our select ranges of healthcare furniture have been developed with patient and staff wellbeing in mind. Our adjustable patient lounges are upholstered in durable yet colourful vinyl finishes and offer a comfortable place to rest. We can also supply modular hospital furniture, visitor seating, bedside cabinets, bedside wardrobes and consultation tables.

Healthcare Furniture for Better Staff Workflow

The design and layout of any workplace is vital for the productivity, efficiency and comfort for all occupants. The same considerations should be extended to healthcare professionals, the ones taking care of us when our own health deteriorates.

Good design and layout can play a vital role in the healthcare industry, especially when precision, professionalism and patient care are seen as key elements for any practice. We'll create a custom workplace layout to suit your admin office needs based on open plan, closed plan or activity based working design elements.


Furniture You Can Trust

BFX Furniture is one of Australia's most recognised and trusted hospital furniture suppliers with experience working within Public Private Partnership (PPP) programs for government facilities.  We are committed to maintaining consistantly high furniture standards for healthcare facilities.

The majority of our furniture is also backed by an impressive 7 year warranty so you can rest assured that our furniture is going to be able to withstand even the most demanding environments

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