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Smart Schools of Tomorrow


cad-iconBizFurn collaborates with leading Principals and independent researchers to create innovative, agile furnishings that consequently improve the lives of students.  The introduction of responsibility to furnishings in place of the traditional desk and chair scenario, develop social, ‘real world’ pathways.  We want our furniture to personify each student’s thoughts and actions, influencing their creativity and learning.



safety-iconBizFurn is committed to presenting furniture that is totally safe.  The independent testing by Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) under the standard AS/NZS 4610 specific to Schools covering strength, durability, stability and safety ensures the level of safety for the space.



paint-iconBizFurn introduces a range of colours that are bright and emphasize play within the space.   The idea is to open creative pathways through changes of colour in each space.  Our objective is to support the biological and psychological impact of colour on learning and consequently learning outcomes.



recycle-iconBizFurn furnishings are safe for humans and the environment.  Materials are ethically sourced from certified forestry plantations and do not release harmful substances during their lifetime of use.


Agile Furniture

Space-planningBizFurn proposes furniture that can be moved, connected and can change to suit modality and purpose of space.  Our agile furnishings aim to provide various changeable heights and can be easily reconfigured by students. We want a single piece of furniture to impact all learning spaces and be utilised as an educational aid.


Project Management

project-manage-iconBizFurn embraces a holistic approach so all clients receive complete consultation, planning and delivery of their project.  Continuity is through a single source, your consultant guides and ensures your needs are heard and met all the way through to installation.  The presence of showrooms and regional consultants ensures support all year round.



education-iconBizFurn continues to research and collaborate with Educational Institutes, leading Principals and independent researchers to design and manufacture furnishings that support pedagogical activities.  We want our furnishings to excite students and influence teaching methods.  The attitude is holistic and we aim to benefit all.


Australian Manafactured

Australia-iconBizFurn delivers an Australian manufactured product. The presence of our manufacturing in Australia, co-ordinated by a single source and conveyed by consultants and showrooms throughout Australia ensures many points of client service, including quality, being heard and on-time delivery, consequently growing and elevating the lives of Australians.


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