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Which office floor plan is better? The debate, whether an open plan is preferable over closed offices is trending in the recent years.

Big companies like Google, Youtube and other popular startup organisations have high praises for open offices, yet Forbes and Businessweek argued against the success of this office floor plan. Continue reading if you want to learn if open plan or closed office is ideal for your business or organisation.


Choosing the type of office space layout depends on many important factors. It also holds many implications for your business. Ask and answer the following questions to get started with office floor plans:

What is the function of this space?
What do I want to feel when I spend time in this space?
What will this space convey to the people?
Will this space support productivity, innovation, creativity and imagination?

These are just few questions to ask, and you can add more. However, do not overthink it and end up doing nothing.

Remember there is no “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL SOLUTION” when it comes to office space layout.

Summarized below are the benefits of open and closed workspaces. Keep reading and see which office layout is better.


Benefits of Open Plan Office Space

  • Open plan spaces provide employees with sense of belonging. There is a better exchange of information thus improving communication among co-workers.
  • Open plan spaces promote collaboration and innovation in the workplace. The open environment allows people to interact and participate.
  • Open plan spaces are economical. More employees can be accommodated in less space.
Open Office 1
Open Office 2

Benefits of a Closed Plan Office Space

  • Closed office spaces provide privacy thus giving you a sense of security.
  • Closed office spaces bring less distractions and fewer interruptions.
  • Closed office spaces offer more workspace and larger work area.
  • Closed office spaces offer noise reduction. It promotes high level of concentration.
Closed Office 1
Closed Office 2


Today’s workplace design is gearing more towards the open plan space rather than closed offices. However, this does not invalidate the benefits of closed office spaces. Employee preferences and expectations related to the workspace layout are complex.

It is continually evolving through time.

In fact, there is an emerging trend with large companies that is called hot desking – where employees don’t own their desk, but they can work anywhere in the office.


Whatever configuration the organization chooses, it is very important to take into consideration, which would be best for productivity and personal development. If you would like to know which type of office floor plan works best for your organisation, feel free to contact a BFX Office Furniture Expert.

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