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BFX Supplies the QLD Government with furniture under
DET 68449 SOA Queensland Government Furniture
DETE SOA 100926 Supply of Emergency Furniture Arrangement

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The Department of Education and Training (DET) has established this Whole-of-Government (WoG) Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for the supply, delivery and installation of furniture to eligible Queensland Government Customers.

  • In addition to providing Eligible Customers with a wide range of options and solutions in relation to the furniture purchased for their facilities, the Arrangement:
  • provides and promotes furniture that meets the relevant AS/NZ standards to ensure a safe and innovative environment;
  • achieves value for money, sustainability and more fluent procurement processes;
  • delivers improved sustainability outcomes; and
  • provides a single whole-of-Government procurement pathway for the majority of furniture purchases.
  • This SOA is not mandatory however if Eligible Customers wish to purchase chairs, desks, tables and beds outside of the Arrangement, a Risk Assessment Form will need to be completed to provide assurance that standards have been considered and are upheld.


This Arrangement includes office furniture, secure furniture, hospital and health furniture, education furniture and speciality items.

This Arrangement excludes the following categories: stationery and office accessories, lighting, major fit-outs of facilities and electronic goods.

The objective of this Arrangement is to deliver quality and standardised products, in addition to savings, to Queensland Government Departments and Eligible Customers. To ensure this level of standard is maintained items that fall into the below categories must meet the relevant AS/NZ standards and hold an Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) Blue Tick Goods Certification or equivalent:

  • Chairs,
  • Desks;
  • Tables; and
  • Beds.


  • The Arrangement may be utilised by the following entities:
  • Queensland Government Departments;
  • Statutory Authorities;
  • Queensland Government agencies;
  • Government-owned Corporations;
  • Approved non-Government Organisations;
  • State-owned educational facilities;
  • Local Governments and Commonwealth;
  • State or Territory Governments;
  • Councils;
  • Other Queensland Departments or agencies;
  • Queensland Government Bodies;
  • Non-Government Organisations;
  • Other Commonwealth, State or Territory Departments, agencies or bodies;
  • Queensland non-State schools;
  • Queensland School Parent and Citizens Associations (both State and non-State sector); and Contractors to the Principal or other Customers that need to access this Arrangement in order to meet their obligations under another Contract with the Principal or Customer.

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