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Vado Product Description Draft

Siron Diagram


Mesh Back & Seat

The mesh design on the chair’s back & seat enables airflow, helping to keep employees cool as they sit and work throughout the day.


Adjustable Arms – 3 Ways

Adjust Arm Height, Depth and Swivel for maximum comfort while you work.


Single Lever Mechanism

Unique Single lever mechanism allows you to adjust Seat height up and down, back recline and seat depth so you can easily modify your ergonomics.


Back Height

Rache back height for quick adjustments while you are sitting.


Side Winding Tension

Tighten the tension of your glide motion recline ability.


Recline Glide Motion

Synchronised Seat and back tilt to smoothly change your seating angle.


Seat Height Adjustment

Adjust the seat height to your workstation.

Ergonomic Features



BFX Furniture’s Management and Employees ensure that the operations and products we undertake have nominal harmful impact on the environment. We respect the environment and understand the impact of our manufacturing processes might have on it.

BFX Furniture conforms to all relevant requirements for operations, environmental practices and procedures. Working hard to improve our environmental standing, we have adopted sustainable business models and continually re-evaluate our products and processes to reduce ecological footprint.

  • Steel
  • Polyethelyne
  • Nylon
  • Aluminium

Materials used.

  • Recyclable
  • Other

Up to
Recyclable by weight


Testing Chart

Approved for 135kg
Static Load Tested to 410kg

Approved for users up to and including 135 kg. Static load tested to 410 kg.

Certification is based on the above Standards and additional testing and/or assessment required under Furntech-AFRDI’s Rated Load Blue Tick Certification Criteria.

The Supplier having agreed to maintain the compliance of the product and to submit to retesting and auditing as appropriate, the Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute hereby certifies the product under the AFRDI Blue Tick Product Certification Program.




Up to 85% recyclable by weight, depending on the options selected

Made of up to 40% recycled materials


The use of technology in product development and manufacturing ensures that furniture is made to the highest quality.


BFX uses their own trucks and trusted partners to

schedule delivery and installation to suit your deadline

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