Office Design Trends

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The office is a place where many of us spend a great deal of our waking hours. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that office decor is ideally pieced together for mood optimisation – which can provide a morale boost and ultimately, increased productivity at the workplace.

A happier and more comfy environment will foster a stronger sense of teamwork and cohesion among co-workers. Additionally, if your office is a place where clients are invited for discussions, you could stand a chance of leaving an amazing first impression with the right outlay.

The modern office usually exhibits a sleekness in design, space optimization and energy-efficiency as a part of ongoing corporate responsibilities. Most importantly, the new age office incorporates the DNA of the company within its designs.

Integrating the Pulse of the Company

Each company carries a unique vision and mission. The story of a brand or company should be conveyed through the design of the office.

Some companies use design elements that pay homage to their humble origins. Facebook’s office employs the use of garage doors that open to its canteens and facilities – as a reminder of its founding.

Using your company logo as part your décor can add a touch of style to your office space. With AudioArt screening almost any logo can be added to workstation screening.

The office is no longer just a place where people spend their time 9-5 toward earning a living. It has become a physical extension of a lifestyle that resonates with the core values of the establishment. Therefore, drab office walls, mundane cubicles and plain-looking pantries are quickly fading into obscurity.  

Declutter & Optimize Spaces

Clutter is known to cause anxiety and as such, affects work performance. Additionally, cluttered areas are unhygienic, unsightly and makes it really challenging to locate the specific items and documents that you need.

Lighting Matters

A brightly lit work area provides a noticeable improvement in the overall mood within the office. This allows workers to focus better on their work without eye strain. But more importantly, light creates an atmosphere of hospitality and openness – which welcomes collaboration and trust.

Poor lighting is known to cause a myriad of conditions such as recurring migraines and irritability. Choose a lamp that has an adjustable brightness, which can be toggled to suit various conditions. Modern day desk lamps usually come with a USB port, making them easily powered through your computer or any other electronic device.

Flooring and Walls

The flooring and walls in an office are features that are often overlooked in an office. Spruce them up to create the perception of spaciousness. Wider spaces (or the illusion of it) will enhance comfort levels for everyone and lead to improved focus.

Colour choice goes a long way when it comes down to the interior design of your office. The colour of office walls and ceilings can subconsciously affect moods.

Shades of blue are high on the recommendations list. The soothing colour is linked to the ocean and sky, which are representations of endless possibilities and calmness.

Green is another popular option, which has close ties with mother nature. The colour is synonymous with relaxation and cuts down on fatigue.

Open Office Concepts with the Right Fixtures

Open plan office spaces are popular these days, since they offer improved collaboration between staff members and also offer space saving benefits over traditional closed office layouts.

Some reports have shown open office spaces to be counterproductive in some cases – the main problems being sound pollution and lack of privacy.

If you operate from an open plan office space, it may be necessary to take some precautionary measures. For starters, the choice of flooring will be a crucial component in your set up. Carpeted flooring is known as an effective absorber of white noise, while wooden flooring is best avoided.

One popular solution to office space noise and privacy issues is AudioArt. AudioArt can be easily incorporated within any office space as sound absorbing wall art or workstation screening. It is an effective means of deadening sound within an office space. Free standing screening can also be used to improve privacy and reduce unwanted noise.

Popular Office Themes

Mixing and matching furniture and design features for your ideal office can be hard work. When all else fails, you can always stick to an office decor theme that has been proven to work. 

These themes have been observed in international offices that have seen a markedly improvement in staff performance and work culture.

Eco-Friendly Concept

This style focuses on the 3 Rs – reuse, reduce and recycle. Eco-friendly or biophilic offices usually feature the installation of fixtures and furniture manufactured from wood and other biodegradable materials. Plastic and other industrially manufactured items are mostly avoided.

Plants are a major staple in this style and are usually found in room corners, on desks, and even receptions areas. Bamboo, teak and oak are popular furniture material since they are durable and provide a natural appearance to your workspace.

Larger windows are often preferred as they allow natural light to pour in, which supports the natural setting.

The sound of water fountains can provide a great therapeutic effect while decorative live plants improve the air quality in the office. The sustainable concept can provide a welcome relief from the ever-increasing amount of technology in office spaces and can help achieve improved concentration levels.

Hygge Concept

Recent interior designs inspired by Danish culture, in a style known as hygge, is getting increasingly popular among office settings. Hygge takes on a minimalist approach that emphasizes warmth and comfort – essentially recreating the fulfilling experience that you get when you’re sitting next to a fireplace on a freezing day. 

Hygge involves the use of comfortable lounge chairs, ottomans, coffee tables and other furniture items, more often found in a home setting. 

This is a style favoured by marketing and advertising firms. Clients are often welcomed to the office where they feel at ease and are more willing to share their ideas. 

Hygge creates a sense of cosiness and mindfulness. When done right, it will make workers feel like they are working straight from the comfort of their homes.  

State-of-the-Art Concept

Unlike Eco-friendly offices, the state-of-the-art concept features the latest innovations in interior design and digital technology. Consider installing touchscreen computers, tablets, wireless charging stations and booths where information is readily available to workers with a swipe or tap.

State-of-the-art offices may also include smart screen panels, which are versatile installations with adjustable opacity. They provide a wide array of functions, such as blocking out sunlight, creating partitions for privacy during meetings, doubling as digital drawing boards, and more.

High tech offices will inspire workers by speeding up operations with unmatched accessibility and convenience. This makes way for faster and more efficient teams through the wonders of smart technology.

Expert Advice

Perhaps the best advice of all is to seek out an office furniture and space design expert. An expert in the field can provide invaluable advice enabling you to maximise floor space, reduce noise, improve collaboration and much more. BFX Furniture offers a comprehensive range of furniture options that will suit your office needs no matter what your goals are for your office space.  

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