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Oodle – The Ultimate STEM Table

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Height Adjustable – Perfect For All Students!

The Oodle Table is the ultimate STEM supporting companion in the classroom.

STEM classrooms are mobile, flexible and allow students to investigate real world scenarios in a more hands-on way.

The Oodle STEM Table supports a multitude of uses, including strategic planning, robotics and projects that require a great deal of flexible mind mapping on a sturdy surface.

The Oodle Table features 4 removable tables with a dual whiteboard surface top and underside.

Whiteboard surfaces are great for collaborative activities like:

  • mind mapping
  • brainstorming
  • Plotting points on a Cartesian plain.

Complex and collaborative projects in the classroom encourage student’s critical thinking and problem solving in STEM subjects.

The Oodle Table not only creates, but also supports a collaborative environment, whether it’s around the main Oodle Table or smaller tables on the floor. Students can form groups for a project and then pack the tables and their equipment up when finished.

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