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Welcome to BFX furniture, the leading supplier of office furniture in Australia. With about 50 experienced project consultants across all states, BFX is committed to delivering high quality office fitouts for business of all sizes.

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Popular Office Products


  1. Ascendo Core Electronic Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk - 900mm Deep

  2. Riva Max Mesh Ergo Chair

    Quick Ship
    Courier Express


    Riva Max Mesh Ergo Chair


    $355Price: $429Save: $74
  3. Samson Syncro Heavy Duty Load Rated Office Chair

    Courier Express


    Samson Syncro Heavy Duty Load Rated Office Chair


    $599Price: $719Save: $120
  4. Basics Lateral Filing Cabinet - 2 Drawer

    Basics Lateral Filing Cabinet - 2 Drawer

    $665Price: $795Save: $130
  5. Deluxe Eternity Single Sided Workstation with Screen - One Person

  6. Deluxe Loop Leg Single Sided Workstation - One Person

  7. Deluxe Loop Leg Single Sided Workstation with Screen - One Person

  8. Deluxe Profile Leg Single Sided Workstation - One Person

  9. Basics Extra High Back Office Chair

    Quick Ship


    Basics Extra High Back Office Chair

    $439Price: $529Save: $90
  10. Bravi Medium Back Boardroom Chair

    Bravi Medium Back Boardroom Chair

    $379Price: $455Save: $76
  11. Medio Medium Back Executive Chair

    Quick Ship


    Medio Medium Back Executive Chair

    $395Price: $479Save: $84
  12. Medio High Back Executive Chair

    Quick Ship


    Medio High Back Executive Chair

    $439Price: $529Save: $90
  13. Origin E0 Meeting Table

    Quick Ship


    Origin E0 Meeting Table

    $195Price: $235Save: $40
  14. Origin E0 Boardroom Table

    Quick Ship


    Origin E0 Boardroom Table

    $389Price: $469Save: $80
  15. Basics Typhoon Boardroom Table

    Basics Typhoon Boardroom Table

    $635Price: $769Save: $134
  16. Eona Boardroom Table

  17. Rapid Dimpled Chair Mat

    Rapid Dimpled Chair Mat

    $85Price: $109Save: $24
  18. AudioArt Velcro Receptive Pinboard with Aluminium Frame



  19. AudioArt Slide On Desk Divider

    AudioArt Slide On Desk Divider

    $105Price: $129Save: $24
  20. AudioArt Hanging Partition

    AudioArt Hanging Partition

    $209Price: $255Save: $46

Are you looking for Australian made office furniture Newcastle? Look no further than BFX for high quality Newcastle office furniture. We are the leading office furniture Newcastle suppliers ensuring that customer’s requirements are met n design and manufacturing of office furniture.

BFX office furniture Newcastle has active presence in the following locations:

  • Islington
  • Mayfield West
  • Newcastle West
  • Newcastle East
  • Wickham
  • Lambton
  • Bennetts Green

Therefore, if you are looking for a leading supplier of Australian made office fit-outs in either of the above locations, BFX Furniture remains the one-stop shop.

For decades, BFX Furniture remains the industry leader, supplying finest Newcastle office furniture. Therefore, we guarantee our customers custom solution designed to take care of their requirements. We understand that to ensure suitable office workstation requires experience and expertise. Therefore we ensure a simplified experience for our customers.

So, why keep it BFX Furniture for your office furniture Newcastle? Here is our guarantee to our customers looking to buy best Newcastle office furniture suppliers.

Buy Office Furniture for the Modern Office in Newcastle

We live in the times when ensuring a modern look is no longer an option. The modern buyer is looking for a supplier who keeps it current to all aspects including office design. Therefore, upgrading your office furniture for that modern look is no longer an option.

For modern office furniture Newcastle, keep it BFX. We design modern office furniture designed to meet the requirements of our customers. Checkout our online catalogue for a wide selection of modern Newcastle office furniture. We have:

Therefore, BFX Furniture provides Newcastle businesses a chance to ensure a modern look of their office. To stay current and relevant to the eyes of modern customers, choose the latest office receptions furniture tailor made to accessorize your brand image.

Affordable and High-Quality Newcastle Office Furniture

When buying office furniture, chances are that you are spending within certain budgetary limits. For that reason, you want to make sure you save on office furniture Newcastle. BFX Furniture provides our customers high quality office furniture at reasonable costs. Therefore, if you need are looking to buy office furniture at a budget, keep it BFX. We guarantee our customers value for money when it comes to the purchase of office desks and generally, all office workstations.

At BFX Furniture, we use high quality materials to manufacture different office workstations. I that regard, our customers are assured durability when buying office furniture. This allows you big savings as you spend less on office furniture repairs. Therefore, trust BFX for high quality office furniture that saves your money. We are ready to serve our customers and we commit t quality while ensuring budget friendly Newcastle office furniture.

We Provide Full Services When It Comes to Office Furniture Supplies

At BFX office furniture Newcastle, nothing stops us when it comes to supply of office furniture. We deliver to customer’s office and ensure office furniture placement. Therefore, you are guaranteed a stress free experience when it comes to sourcing for office furniture.

For our customers, buying office furniture Newcastle begins by simply making a call. Our office furniture consultants will listen to your requirements keenly. This is in an effort to ensure that we have understood the customer’s requirements. We then proceed to designing of office furniture tailor-made to meet the needs of the customer. Where need be, we move to provide our customers a personal office furniture consultant.

Our experienced Newcastle office furniture consultants will come to your office and measure the available space. Moreover, we look at all aspects when it comes to purchase of office furniture and provide a personalised recommendation. For instance, if you are in computing industry, chances are that your staffs sit for longer hours. Therefore, to ensure flexibility, our office furniture consultants may recommend sit stand desks.

We assure our customers premium office furniture delivery in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. BFX Furniture provides experienced staffs for office furniture placement. We ensure the right tools and use of recommended procedures when installing office furniture. This provides prolonged life for every piece of office furniture delivered and installed by BFX Furniture. Therefore, choose BFX Furniture for guaranteed quality and stress-free office furniture supplies in Newcastle.

Office Furniture That Supports Posture Ensuring Productivity

When buying office furniture, you need to be sure the chosen office furniture supports the user’s posture. In other words, ergonomic design is a must for office furniture Newcastle. Does the office chair provide armrest adjustment? How about the office desk? Does the office desk allow stretching of legs or height adjustments?

To keep your staffs working, it is imperative that you ensure office furniture that supports posture. BFX Furniture provides professionalism in office furniture design, ensuring supportive furniture for our customers. Therefore, our office furniture consultant will examine what different workstations feel like. This is important as it helps our office furniture designers to come up with quality furniture that meets your requirements. Therefore, you are assured a productive workforce.

Do not forget that strenuous posture has a negative impact on health of your employees. In fact, studies show that bad posture at work is the leading cause of back pain. Therefore, employees result in absence as they are left to seek treatment. This is detrimental when it comes to productivity. Rather than dealing with absenteeism caused by back pains and posture related illnesses, provide high quality ergonomic office furniture. BFX Furniture is ready to help you ensure high quality office furniture that supports employees. Call us today to request for personalised assistance when buying office furniture in Newcastle.

We Have A Wide Range of Office Furniture

At BFX Furniture, you will not feel limited when it comes to choosing office furniture. We supply a wide range of office furniture tailor made to meet your requirements. Moreover, BFX Furniture meets your requirements in terms of pricing. Therefore, we have office furniture categorised under different price ranges. No matter the size of office, you are well catered for. Choose BFX Furniture for exciting deals on Newcastle office furniture all year round. To ensure right furniture, our office furniture consultants are readily available to serve you. Here are the different types of office furniture available at BFX Furniture.

Buy Ergonomic Office Chair in Newcastle

The modern workers spend a massive amount of time sitting down. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose office chairs designed to support you well throughout this period. Consider that poor seating practices have been blamed for the increased cases of back and neck pain. Therefore, companies are incurring huge losses paying workers compensation. Moreover, businesses are losing customers due to delayed service, as their staffs are away on sick leave as a result of back pain and neck pain.

An ergonomic office chair is all you need to deal with posture problems. Check out the wide range of office chairs available at BFX Furniture. We ensure proper posture with every office chair designed and manufactured by BFX consultants. Therefore our executive office chairs come with adjustable parts enhancing maximum comfort during sitting while giving proper support of your posture. Here are the different office chairs available at BFX Furniture:

  • Operator office chairs
  • Executive office chair
  • Meshed office chair
  • Office stools
  • Lounge seats
  • Visitor’s chair
  • Chairs for office booths
  • Boardroom chairs

BFX Furniture guarantees high quality upholstery on all types of office chairs. Our showrooms remain open while our office furniture consultants will assist you when buying office chairs. Therefore, give us a call right away for the best pricing on office chairs.

Buy Office Desks Online

For a complete office workstation, you need the office desk. BFX Furniture provides high quality modern office desks designed to meet the requirements of our customers. We have office desks available in different sizes, shapes and orientations. Therefore, no matter your type of job, we have appropriate office desk designed to meet your requirements. Our office desks include different features including different styles suited for different professionals and different office environments.

Whether you are limited of office space, or you need a functional office workstation such that the desk provides storage room, BFX Furniture will be ready to meet your requirements. Therefore, you have plenty of options that you can choose from when it comes to purchase of office desks in Newcastle.

Choose BFX Furniture for supply and installation of the following types of office desk:

  • Office workstations
  • L-shaped office desk
  • Executive office desk
  • Computer desk
  • Adjustable height desks
  • Straight desks
  • Sit Stand office desks
  • Corner desks
  • Caddies and hutches
  • Conference desks
  • Steel framed desks

Office Storage Solutions in Newcastle

When it comes to ensuring organised office workstation, it is imperative that you have the right office storage. BFX Furniture is the manufacturer and supplier of custom office storage solutions tailor made to meet your requirements. At BFX Furniture, we stock ready-made office storage solutions and we make custom office storage designed to accessorise the available office space.

Here are the different office storage solutions available at BFX:

  • Bookcases
  • Office pedestals
  • Filling cabinets
  • Office lockers
  • Metal shelving
  • Office wall units

Therefore, call or message BFX Furniture for high-quality office storage solutions. We have our Newcastle office furniture showrooms remains open and ready to serve our customers. Therefore, call us right away for quick assistance.

Buy Office Tables in Newcastle

You need office tables for use in different locations within your office. The type of office table should meet the intended use. Therefore, for office tables in Newcastle, talk to BFX office furniture consultants. We provide custom solutions guaranteed to fit your workstation. Here are the different office tables available at BFX Furniture.

  • Meeting tables
  • Flip tables
  • Steel office tables
  • Boardroom tables
  • Café tables
  • Coffee tables

Therefore, call BFX Furniture for high-quality office tables designed to meet your requirements. We are always ready and shall ensure top priority to our customers.

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