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Satellite Hub

Specialist Learning Facilities


Space & Pedagogy

BFX proposes innovative and agile learning hubs where particular facilities are required for specific learning, individually or in groups (i.e. technology, science, visual arts, hospitality, performing arts, manual arts). Satellite Hubs contains an assortment of working areas including benches, laptop bars, desks, seating, storage and access to technologies and wet areas.

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Package 1



1 x BFX Kahuna Computer Desk with wave front
1 x Mobile Porcelain Whiteboard 1500 x 900mm
2 x E-Chair Task
1 x BFX Swell’s Up Mobile Display

Package 2



8 x E-Chair Sled Base
2 x E-Chair Task
2 x BFX Smartable™ Splash™ Table
1 x BFX Doodle Cart
1 x BFX Archer IT Mobile Lectern
1 x BFX Portobello Ottoman
1 x BFX Mag Mania Mobile Storage
1 x BFX Swell’s Up Mobile Display

Package 3



2 x BFX Jellybean Computer Trolley
1 x BFX Bloom Ottoman
1 x BFX Cushox Round 600mm Diameter
3 x BFX Bondi Medium Back Semi Ergonomic Chair
1 x BFX Carve Companion Trolley
1 x BFX Smartable™ Carve™ Student Table

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  • Students develop ownership over their learning when they are able to make decisions about how their learning space is used. Wheeled furnishings at child height support the development of learner autonomy.

    Dr Jill Willis, Lecturer in Education - Queensland University of Technology



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