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Sanctuary Critical Zone

Critical zones provide spaces for students to engage in higher order
thinking activities such as problem solving & logical reasoning.

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The Sanctuary Critical Zone is designed to encourage students to feel encompassed within the learning environment by minimising distractions and allowing students to interact with one another.

The whole package including the Sanctuary Booths, SmarTableClique Straight Tables and Cushox Cube Ottomans is available in a range of colours and fabrics to suite any space.

This zone gives you the freedom to pick and choose what will work with your existing space, or we can assist you in designing a whole new space that will reflect a more dynamic learning environment.

The high walls and cubby-house structure of the Sanctuary Booths create a comforting atmosphere in which students can disappear into. The Sanctuary Critical Zone can be re-arranged in a number of configurations to create engaging workspaces. In collaboration with the packages other pieces, the possibilities are endless.


The Sanctuary Booth allows students to concentrate better as the walls are constructed with an acoustic based noise-reduction foam that dims the surrounding noises. They’ll also lounge in comfort on the high-density foam seat with their feet-up as they read textbooks or type on a laptop.

The SmarTableClique Straight Tables are adjustable to 5 heights, allowing students to adapt the zone according to what height is comfortable for them. The tabletop is wide enough that multiple students can work together. The tables are fully moveable on wheels that lock into place.

The Sanctuary Critical Zone includes Cushtox Cube Ottomans in a range of vibrant colours, or you can customise them to suite your school environment. The ottomans are lightweight, yet durable and designed to bring an air of comfort into the space. Multiple seating options gives students the freedom to move around the space and view it from different perspectives.

This package will revolutionise modern classroom settings with its new generation learning design.

The Sanctuary Critical Zone’s strongest point is design flexibility. Allowing students to see the world from different positions encourages them to be more engaged in their learning and think critically.

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Package Includes:

2x Sanctuary Booths
2x SmarTableClique Straight Tables 
4x Cushox Cube Ottomans 

Customise the Cushox Cubes with any Fabric Colour!


71% of teachers surveyed reported the noise generated within the classroom is a problem.

“Research indicates the ambient noise level in classrooms ranges between 28 and 60 dB”

Ministry of Education (2016) Designing Quality Learning Spaces: Acoustics. New Zealand Ministry of Education. Education Infrastructure Service. Wellington. New Zealand. 

Sanctuary Critical Zone Features

High walled booths constructed of noise-reduction foam minimises distractions

Multiple seating options allows students to arrange their workspaces and view their surroundings in different perspectives

Furniture pieces are customisable by colour and fabric to complement the aesthetic of any learning environment

Critical thinking involves first discovering the who, what, when, where and how of things- finding the answers to those eternal questions of the inquisitive child- and the utilizing that knowledge in a manner that enables you to determine what matters most.’

Bell Hooks

Hooks, B. (2010.) Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom. Routledge. Taylor & Francis Group. New York.

View Sanctuary Critical Zone Package Online

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