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Share Connect Zone

Students connect in the classroom when they form friendships with one another,
eventually fostering a sense of belonging and support.

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The Share Connect Zone is a dual space that encourages students to occupy two furniture settings for a more dynamic and productive learning environment. This space is ideal for interactive subjects like Geography, History and English. The table, chair and screen setup supports group work. While the chair and bookcase space is specifically designed for a more conversational and relaxed approach.

The main benefit of dual spaces is giving students the opportunity to choose where they sit and how they work in the space.

For a more open and relaxed learning space, the Toledo Tub Chairs and Jupiter Mobile Bookcase offer a quiet retreat within the Share Connect Zone. The furniture configuration with the Mele Coffee Table is reminiscent of a home lounge space and exudes a more conversational tone in the learning environment.

The Toledo Tub Chair offers comfort and vibrancy with its 2-tone interlocking seat and backing. Made from a soft but durable commercial fabric, the Toledo will definitely draw the eye as an inviting seating solution in the classroom.

The Share Connect Zone promotes a inclusive atmosphere that lets students choose how and where they work in the space.

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Package Includes:

2 x Toldeo Tub Chairs 
1 x Mele Meeting Table
1 x Mele Coffee Table 
4 x Nimbus chairs with upholstery 
1 x Jupiter mobile bookcase

LED Touch Screen Not Included

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The Skills of Future Focused Learners!


 “We found the modern classroom has competing requirements: distance and separation on the one hand; compactness and flexibility on the other.”

– James A. Dyck

Dudek. M, (2012). Architecture of Schools: The New Learning Environments. Architectural Press. Routledge. Taylor & Francis Group. Milton Park. England.

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