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Engage Communicate Zone

Communication skills are more important than ever in our evolving world.
Developing these skills can promote positive interpersonal and professional relationships as well as future-focused thinkers.

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BFX strives to create Future Focused Learning Zones that foster an environment for listening and creative response. The Engage Communicate Zone creates the ideal space for students to develop their presentation skills and ensure their audience become active listeners.

The Flexile Lectern/Table is available in a beech top and white powdercoat colour combination as well as classic white. The Flexile Lectern is ideal for class presentations and foldable for easy storage. The wide top allows students to rest their notes whilst they deliver an engaging speech to the class.

The Fino Stacking Chair with Upholstered Seat & Back is a practical and stylish addition to any learning space. It features a classic design that’s both modern and comfortable so students won’t mind sitting for an extended period of time. The chair’s frame is also stackable for easy storage when not in use.

Audiences are more likely to become active listeners if their interest and attention is captured by stimulating visual aids.

The student presenting is also more likely to be comfortable with the subject matter and glance at their notes less frequently if they are accompanied by visual aids like images, videos and slideshows.

The Engage Communication Zone aims to create the perfect environment for public speaking and audience engagement. Comfortable seating and a sturdy adaptable lectern provide the optimal space for students to not only engage in the topic presented, but also develop their presentation skills.

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Package Includes:

28x Fino Stacking Chairs
1x Flexile Lectern/Table

LED Touch Screen Not Included

Customise the Fino Chairs with any Fabric Colour!


Engage Communicate Zone Features

Comfortable seating for extended periods of time

Lectern provides a sturdy surface for notes, palm cards and other presentation materials

Stackable seating for quick and easy set-up and storage when not in use

“Visual aids enhance the presenter’s credibility, increases audience interest, focuses their attention and aids in the retention of key points.”

Gates Matthew Stoner

Dues, M., & Stoner, G. M. (2001). “Effective Oral Presentations,” The Practice of Organizational Communication. McGraw Hill. New York.

View Engage Communicate Zone Package Online

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