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Future Focused Learning Zones

Create Zones


Children thrive in environments that give them the creative tools to experiment with ideas, question and discover. Illustrate Create Zone ensures students can work in groups and easily access learning resources such as books, magazines, writable surfaces and craft supplies.


Every student has a creative ember burning within them. Creativity inducing environments ignite that ember into a roaring flame when channelled into class projects. Spark Create Zone has plenty of features to spark student’s creativity.

Galaxy Create Zone

In one student’s imagination lies a tiny universe of creativity and ideas just waiting to be discovered. Galaxy Create Zone fits up to 10 students and naturally unlocks their creative ability by allowing them to work together in a supportive and interactive space.

Elevate Create

Elevate Create Zone provides the perfect environment for group work with colourful and bright finishes to encourage bright ideas. Working together in creativity inducing learning environments elevates student’s curiosity, interest and willingness to try new things.

Muse Create Zone

Creativity is as important a skill as problem solving, collaboration, and project management. Muse Create Zone is a sleek and elegant boardroom style setting. Perfect for tertiary spaces. Students benefit from functional and practical settings to present creative ideas & devise creative solutions.

Stimulate Create Zone

Stimulate Create Zone is a cool and functional space that combines unique desking configurations, ergonomic chairs and smart storage to bring you the ultimate productive senior learning space. Students thrive in creative environments that give them the freedom to rearrange the tables

Collaborate Zones

Zing Collaborate Zone

Zing Collaborate Zone transforms the classroom into an interactive and organised hub for group projects and problem solving. Children are naturally inventive and group settings provide the ideal environment for diverse perspectives to emerge in a colourful feast of ideas and solutions.

Activate Collaborate Zone

Activate Collaborate Zone aims to activate student’s minds and bodies with active seating. When students become active listeners and learners it is easier for them to interact with one another to devise new ideas, collaborate and engage in the space.

Energise Collaborate Zone

Energise Collaborate Zone features an energetic design, vibrant colours, smart storage and fun seating solutions. Promoting flexibility and functionality, this zone can easily be integrated into classrooms. This Future Focused Learning™ Zone is jam packed with smart storage solutions.


Nexus Collaborate Zone allows students to come together for group projects in a bright and inviting space with plenty of storage for resources. Cooperative classrooms lead to better learning outcomes and increased engagement in the task at hand.

Synergy Collaborate Zone

Synergy Collaborate Zone encourages group collaboration and inclusive discussions around a conference style configuration. This zone is the perfect space for devising new ideas, planning projects and sharing information.

Hangout Collaborate

Hangout Collaborate Zone features a versatile informal learning space for individual study or group work. With its modern design and retro diner look and feel, this zone reflects a casual vibe in which students can socialise, study, or work together.

Communicate Zones

Stage Communicate Zone

Stage Communicate Zone sets the stage for a fun and interactive learning experience with soft floor seating and versatile modular seating that can be configured in a variety of ways. Early learning spaces should be a safe and supportive environment in which students feel excited to come to school and learn.

Landing Communicate Zone

Landing Communicate Zone provides the perfect base to launch students into a world of learning and deep exploration. Students thrive in bright and interesting spaces. Landing Communicate Zone offers a unique space in which students can enter a relaxed lecture configuration complete with soft seating.

Element Communicate Zone

Element Communicate promotes flexibility of design and productive learning environments by harnessing the mobility of the Mars Turn Tables and lightweight Castel Stacking Chair to create a configuration ideal for communication.

Converge Communicate Zone

Converge Communicate Zone combines a tiered seating stadium and ottomans to create a multi-leveled space ensuring all students can effectively see and listen to the teacher or speaker at the lectern.


Nucleus Communicate Zone promotes active discussion around a conference style configuration and ensures students receive the support they need with ergonomic chairs. This Future Focused Learning™ Zone offers somewhere private for students to meet for group work.


Engage Communicate Zone aims to create the perfect environment for public speaking and audience engagement. This zone provides the optimal space for students to not only engage in the topic presented, but also develop their presentation skills.

Culture Zones

Sunflower Culture Zone

Culture Zones build a deeper sense of empathy and community in learning environments. Featuring dynamic seating and smart storage with the Ziggi Mobile Display, the Sunflower Culture Zone ensures the class always has access to resources.

Flow Culture Zone

Culture Zones embrace community and mutual collaboration by teaming together diverse furniture pieces to create fluid spaces. Flow Culture Zone allows students to be swept into the natural ebb and flow of working together.

Blossom Culture Zone

Blossom Culture Zone’s fun and flexible seating design offers a positive approach in educational settings. Nurture your classroom with bright colours and playful seating to grow a happy community of learners.

Network Culture Zone

Network Culture Zone promotes an inclusive culture of socialisation and collaboration in large learning spaces. Fostering a networking culture is a great way for students to get a head-start on building meaningful relationships.

Skyrise Culture Zone

Create a classroom culture that promotes healthy bodies and productive minds. Skyrise Culture Zone aims to improve student’s physical health by giving them the flexibility of working in either a seated or standing position.

Maestro Culture Zone

Create a symphony of learning with the Maestro Culture Zone. Music in education fosters language development and enriches student life with new perspectives, sensations and experiences.

Connect Zones

Bond Connect

Bond Connect Zone is perfect for learning spaces with its playful and brightly coloured furniture settings and full storage trolley for learning resources. Connectivity in education means students can bond with one another to achieve desired learning outcomes together.

Flexi Connect Zone

Flexi Connect Zone is specifically designed to promote active learning in all classrooms. Flexible spaces such as this boost student interaction. The SmarTable™ Splash™ desks fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and can be rearranged in a number of exciting configurations.

Pulse Connect Zone

The Pulse Connect Zone is a relaxed freeform space in which students can connect with their learning and one another. The configuration creates a casual and comforting environment that encourages students to interact with one another, their teacher and learning activities.

Surf Connect Zone

Future Focused Learning™ Zones make it easier for students to connect to technology, their learning and each other. The Surf Connect Zone allows students to set sail and discover the world at their fingertips.

Convene Connect Zone

Students connect best with one another in group settings. Convene Connect Zone gives students a more professional and realistic setting in which critical thinking and group synergy can occur naturally.

Share Connect Zone

Share Connect Zone is a dual space that encourages productive and flexible learning. Both students and teachers will love the shared atmosphere! One side of the zone supports group work while the other creates a more open and casual learning environment.

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