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Your Office & Work Style Is Best Suited For . . . . An Open Office


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An Open Plan Office would best suite your business. Your business thrives on teamwork, collaboration as well as a busy and bustling company culture. Open plan offices should be built on communication, trust and teamwork. Features of an open office include wide spaces with workstations separated by half wall-screening that still allows for air circulation and communication.

Open plan office environments can be social with a free-flow of ideas and a real sense of connection between co-workers. Popular with early start-up businesses due to their minimal cost initiative and the crucial stages where communication and collaboration is key to drive the business.

Your own personal work style is reflective of the ideal space you’d like to be in. You thrive off positive and productive interaction. You work best with a dedicated team to tackle every day tasks together. All around, you just enjoy being around people and collaborating. Whether its at your shared workstation or in a focused meeting room.

With an open plan office, diverse spaces and flexibility are key. We recommend discussing with your employees or co-workers what suites their specific needs. Cubicles with high walls which offer more privacy and absorb sound? Half partitions which act as a space divider but allow for communication between team members? Or the one large open office where individuals can work side by side at adjoining stations?

We’re ready to help at every step, from planning to selecting colours & materials and even installation.

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