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Your Office & Work Style Is Best Suited For . . . . A Closed Office


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A Closed Office space would best suite your business. In this day and age there are still negative connotations attached to the idea of a closed office space. Office spaces with private areas for employees and employers are action offices. Often the noise and bustle of open offices make it hard to concentrate.

Closed offices provide a distraction free environment that allows for great focus.

The complete privacy of closed doors means there is no need to move away from your co-workers to take important calls. It also gives you the freedom to personalise the space and settle in for the long haul.

Your own personal working style is dedicated, focused and driven to achieve results. You get along with your fellow co-workers or employees but know you work best individually to get the job done. You thrive in organised and structured environments and prefer to prioritise your tasks with minimal distractions.

In closed offices there’s also less gossip and they’re healthier spaces overall without the excessive spread of germs. To avoid the boxed in look and feel we recommend having an open door policy and considering glass panelling to let in natural light and give the illusion of no walls.

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