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Your Office & Work Style Is Best Suited For . . . . An Activity Based Office


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An Activity Based Office space would best suite your business. In a fast changing world the office environment should support the needs of its employees to foster a much more dynamic and flexible workplace in which innovation can occur. Different settings provide a new and fresh space for employees to inhabit and transition to.

An activity based office allows employees to move around throughout the day. They can work on a laptop on a lounge, in a booth or in a relaxed café setting. They can agree to meet with their co-workers in a designated space that supports group collaboration or one that allows for private conversation.

Your own personal work style reflects the changing workforce of the modern world. Your flexible and can adapt to any given task with ease.

You prefer to designate time to work collaborate with your fellow co-workers or employees, sometimes in a more casual setting but often in a professional boardroom setting, and then break away to tackle your individual tasks. Above all you strive for creativity, innovation and enjoy seizing exciting opportunities to better the company as a whole.

As the workday progresses and unfolds, employees communicate and collaborate with their co-workers, sometimes in meeting rooms, sometimes in informal settings. As the task changes why shouldn’t the work environment change too?

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