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Intermediate Future Focused Classroom

You’re still new to 21st-century learning and all the pedagogical practices that enhance student learning, but you’re willing to implement them, and you’re ready for more. Your school is progressing into the modern age well.

The teachers are getting a handle on the use of technology in the classroom and their classroom management systems. The students are applying their problem solving and higher reasoning skills during assessment tasks but could be doing so in daily classes as well.

The teachers are dedicated to helping students pass tests and achieve higher grades; however, the students may not have quite grasped the concept of developing their own learning style or having control over their learning yet.

Students thrive when they can collaborate and discover their own unique learning style. They love working together in groups to solve complex problems. Group work doesn’t have to be confined to desks. Students can unlock creative thinking when they’re up and moving.

Try experimenting with re-arranging the desks into different shapes like U shapes or half circles for class discussions or pods and circles for group work. The use of soft seating and agile ottomans would also encourage students to realise the potential of their classroom space and use it more productively depending on the task or activity.

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