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Advanced Future Focused Classroom

Your school is experienced in modern learning approaches and is implementing them with desirable results.

The teachers are knowledgeable guides and continuously push their students to do their best. The students use devices such as iPads or laptops to enhance their learning when appropriate. They also use their problem-solving skills every time a complex topic or concept is introduced.

Your school incorporates a STEM/STEAM program, and students dedicate a few hours a week to those subjects. They are learning how to apply project-based learning to real-world scenarios.

Students benefit from watching educational videos and testing their knowledge through online quizzes on occasion. Students are generally focused, They can concentrate, collaborate and have opportunities to express themselves creatively in certain classes.

The learning environment is complete with flexible desking, smart storage options, supportable student chairs and colourful soft seating. Students regularly have the freedom to choose where they learn in the classroom and have some control over their own learning. Whether it be working at their own pace, choosing their own homework tasks or having flexible tasks throughout the day.

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