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You Are A Future Focused Classroom Expert!

Your school is leading the way in 21st Century Learning. Your classrooms are flush with agile adjustable desking, a mixture of soft seating, modular settings, whiteboard surfaces and ergonomic seating.

Students can easily re-arrange classroom settings throughout the day to support the type of activity. They also have discovered their own unique learning style and where they best learn in the classroom. Student-centred learning has revolutionised your school. The teachers are thriving in their role as facilitators and students enjoy being able to have control over their education.

Your school is keeping up current with emerging pedagogies and digital learning. Students explore the world and complicated concepts in different ways with the use of technology.

They are expressing themselves creatively, problem-solving and collaborating with one another to devise innovative solutions and applying them to real-world scenarios through STEM/STEAM and project-based learning activities. Not just in those subjects but also across all subjects, they are becoming Future Focused Learners developing the essential skills they will need for the bright prospective futures ahead of them.

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