Education Brochure

Education Brochure

Browse our very best education products, get inspiration for your next fit-out and discover Future Focused Learning Zones.

In this Catalogue you will discover:

  • Melbourne University Research Article on Deeper Learning.
  • Massive Range of New Products
  • 36 Future Focused Learning Zone Packages
  • Recommended STEM/STEAM Products

A Future Focused Learning approach encompasses the future skills students need to succeed.

Work Collaboratively
Think Critically
Effectively Communicate
Express Creativity
Embrace Culture
Create Connections

Build upon the existing foundation of pedagogy in your school.

BFX Furniture is much more than just a furniture supplier — We are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

No matter how big or small the project. You can expect nothing but professional service from our specialist consultants, as well as our delivery and installation team.

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