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See This Manual Arts Rooms Unbelievable Transformation

Manual Arts Case Study 2

The Project

Burnside State High School’s manual arts rooms had definitely seen better days. 

The benches had paint peeling off. 

They were chipped, scratched and dented all over. 

Manual arts classes are notorious for being extremely hands-on environments that experience a high volume of use over the years. So, it’s no wonder they were in need of a makeover.

Standard wood working and metal working benches weren’t going to cut it. They needed a specialised team of Furniture Experts to bring their manual arts rooms into the 21st century.

This Guide Contains:

  • 4 leading school’s Learning Resource Centres
  • Exclusive look at the furniture that was used
  • Future Focused Learning Zones in action
  • Unique features of all the spaces
  • Insider testimonials

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