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See How Leading Schools Resource Centres!

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See How The Pros Are Doing It...

A Learning Resource Centre is the hub for learning and student interaction at any school.

Find out how Future Focused Learning Zones transformed these libraries into innovative and imaginative spaces that students love to use every-day.

You’ll discover QLD’s very first STEM school of excellence, one of Brisbane’s exclusive schools rated in the top 10%, a hidden gem in the Gold Coast’s northern suburbs and a school renowned for their state-of-the-art student and teacher facilities.

Each of these schools had their very own personal Expert Furniture Consultant guiding them every step of the way.

With BFX Furniture, anything is possible. See for yourself.

This Guide Contains:

  • 4 leading school’s Learning Resource Centres
  • Exclusive look at the furniture that was used
  • Future Focused Learning Zones in action
  • Unique features of all the spaces
  • Insider testimonials

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