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What Is A Green Office?


When you think about ‘going green’ you think about using less water, using biodegradable products and recycling at home. You don’t really think of the workplace. But seeing as most people spend eight or more hours at work every day, being environmentally friendly should extend there too. There is a wide range of green office furniture on the market now, and we’re not just talking about colour. Being environmentally friendly is becoming more important than ever now, and a modern office space should reflect this. 

Having a ‘green’ office means, as the name suggests, that your workplace is environmentally friendly. Most offices have green features such as low-power bulbs in their light fixtures and recycling procedures in place for their paper. But there are offices that have gone much further. Many are now using non-toxic cleaning solutions and natural soaps, energy efficient air conditioning, are installing solar panels and, in some places are even cultivating wind energy. However, even just replacing your office furniture with environmentally friendly options can make a large impact.

It is now entirely possible to furnish your workplace with green office furniture. Some manufacturers such as BizFurn are making their furniture environmentally friendly by taking away the toxins and chemicals used in standard production. These emit harmful gases that leave a very large carbon footprint.   BizFurn also chooses raw materials from sutainable sources wherever possilble. BizFurn offers many products that are CETEC tested and certified as having no volatile emissions, keeping office spaces healthy. Some products BizFurn offer are also tested and certified for sustainability by AFRDI.

If you are interested in setting up a green office or improving on what you have already established, choosing this new green office furniture is an excellent way to start. Be sure that the green office furniture you choose has a proven long lifespan. While saving some money is great, if you have to compromise on quality and therefore longevity to do so, it is not worth it. After all, your ‘green office’ won’t be very effective if you have to replace the furniture quickly. As well as this, choosing durability over lower prices will end up saving you money in the long run.

Another excellent idea is to choose furniture that has more than one use. For sitting areas choose ottomans as well as standard chair. Ottomans are the height of multi-functionality, being seating, a footrest and a table. This will not only save you room in a seating area but it will also save you money and contribute to the eco-friendly quality of your office space.

If you do not know where to begin when choosing green office furniture, you can always pop into one of our local stores. We will always have someone on hand that can give you feedback on your choices, offer input, or even sit down with you and help design your entire workspace. By working with a professional you can be sure that you are getting the most eco-friendly, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing office you can.

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