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The Importance Of Ergonomic Office Furniture


If you work in an office, own an office or work from home, you’ll likely spend much of your day sitting at a desk. If this is the case, then you should have ergonomic furniture. Uncomfortable chairs and poorly designed desks give way to sore backs and necks, leading to bad posture and a wide range of ongoing health issue. This is not only painful, but will reduce productivity. If you spend more than a couple of hours a day at a desk, invest in ergonomic furniture. 

Office furniture is more than just a necessity in the workplace. Having a comfortable workplace for employees is vital for productivity. It can lead to reduced sick days, as not only will proper chairs and desks relieve back pain, employees will enjoy work more. It has been proven that by installing ergonomic furniture, many businesses can increase their productivity, and more productivity generally leads to more money. It’s well worth the investment.

Ergonomic office chairs such as the Riva Medium Back Ergo Chair are likely the most important piece of furniture to upgrade to. One of the most important features of an ergonomic chair is great lumbar support. The most common back complaint originates in the lumbar area and these chairs must reflect this. As every employee is different and has different needs, it’s important that the chairs are adjustable to suit everyone. Adjustable height, arms, and back mean that everyone should be satisfied. Footrests are also quite important to aid blood circulation as sometimes blood supply can be limited by incorrect positioning of the legs. Using a footrest can prevent painful issues such as swelling and aching.

Having an ergonomic desk and computer is also a great idea as many employees spend majority of their days in front of one. Due to this, companies and even at-home workers should consider the role this plays in the health of themselves and employees. Having an using an adjustable monitor arm will reduce eye, neck and shoulder strain. It’s important that the screen is positioned about half a metre from the user’s face, so the desk should be large enough to facilitate this.

Investing in a wrist rest and a comfortable mouse for the computer will reduce wrist and hand complaints. Having various mouse sizes available will allow everyone to have one that fits their hand correctly. Ensuring that the keyboard is not ‘clunky’ is a great idea to avoid unwanted strain on the fingers.

If you have the chance, work together with your employees to design a customised workspace with ergonomic office furnitureHelp with choosing not only chairs, desks, and computing equipment, but also colours and furnishings. It will allow everyone to have the most productive space and they will feel much happier at work. Feel free to contact your local BizFurn Consultant and they can help you choose the best ergonomic office furniture for your workplace.

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