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DuoRest Chairs Now Available at BFX!


The Essence of Natural Movement

No matter what posture or movement, you feel comfortable.
Based on ergonomic technology & the science of comfort.


What is Dynamic Sitting?

Those who sit for a long time subconsciously move around and change their position to prevent fatigue.

DuoRest firmly wraps the back muscles and spine while maintaining stability and support as the user changes position, lessening the weight applied by approximately 20Kg.

Even if you change posture, you will still have full support. 

What is the Backpack Effect?

Applies acupressure on the entire back similar to a backpack.

With two separate backrests and the special 3D latex that both react to the user’s movements on the back muscles and the lumbar region.

Duorest Classic Chair
Duorest Premium Chair

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