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Commercial Furniture vs Residential Furniture


If you are setting up an office space for the first time, you may not realise that the residential grade furniture that is available through the large home furnishing chain stores, will just not last in a commercial office environment.  An office chair or lounge that is made for home use & gets sat on an hour or two a day will not be suitable for a commercial office space. In a commercial environment, furniture gets heavy use for extended periods of time by people with a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. 

You can expect commercial grade furniture to last for a minimum of 5 years and even much longer depending on the commercial setting where it is placed. Chances are that furniture designed for residential use when placed in a commercial environment, will need to be replaced multiple times in that period. Commercial office furniture may require a slightly higher initial outlay, however in the vast majority of cases it will prove to be a wise investment. 

Common locations where quality commercial furniture is recommended – to name a few.

– Waiting rooms (doctor, dentist, etc)
– Professional suites (accountant, law firm)
– Retail stores
– Government buildings
– General office spaces (anywhere staff are using office chairs and desks for lengthy periods of time daily)
– Schools & libraries
– Hospitals
– And many more

It might not seem that important, but the correct commercial furniture can have a big impact on your staff and clients.  Providing a stylish and comfortable office space can lead to having happier staff.  Happier staff often provide better service to your customers and are more willing to spend time at the office.  Quality furniture can also make a positive impression with your clients, even if it is only subconsciously. Imagine visiting two businesses who are competing for your business. One business has comfortable seating and a nicely furnished office and the other has uncomfortable seating and tired looking furniture. If all other variables are equal, which business do you think will make the best impression on you? In business it's sometimes the little things that make a big difference. 

If you are unsure whether you require commercial grade furniture or would simply like to discuss updating some of your existing furniture, contact a furniture expert at BizFurn Express.

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