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Best Colours For A Relaxed Office

Office Colour Scheme
Colour is a huge part of our daily lives. Green for go, red for stop, yellow for sun, black for night. But did you know that colour can also have a big impact on our emotions? There are many theories for why this is, but it has been proven that by implementing certain colours into a design scheme, you can have a positive effect on emotions. By using this information, you can colour your office to make you and your coworkers more relaxed and in turn, more productive.
One of the simplest ways to implement new colour into a workplace is by updating your office furniture and decor to relaxing colours. Adding furniture with bright, modern colours can add an element of excitement and promote happiness within an office.  Whilst updating you can also choose ergonomic furniture, which will certainly help your staff to be more productive and happy. Another way to help create a relaxed office environment is to implement new colour into a workplace by painting the walls. If you have a small workplace, consider painting the walls white, cream or a light beige. This will make the room seem more airy and spacious. These colours are also the most neutral, so can match with existing furniture and design. The brightness of the area will create a feeling of relaxation, purity, cleanliness and peace within the workplace. Though it may seem a bit bland at first, having this scheme will promote keeping a clean workplace.
Green and blue are also very soothing colours. Having a feature wall or a non-invasive colour on all the walls will not only be good for mentality, it can instantly make a workplace seem far more modern. Green, as an earth tone, can bring forth connections with trees, giving people a feeling of refreshment, in turn relieving fatigue. Blue is the colour of the ocean and sky, and has been proven to improve our relaxation. It is also the colour signifying loyalty and can improve connections in the workplace. Combining these colours can make the workplace seem less flat and more modern whilst promoting creativity.
Updating your flooring can boost the mood of a workplace significantly, and it is often the most ignored facet of a room. If your workplace is not particularly messy, then having a beige carpet is a good bet as it will be easy to work into the overall decor of a room and ties in well with many furniture colours.
If you’re not sure what colours would make the most positive impact in your office space, talk to us.  One of our Furniture Consultant Specialists will be able to help you choose the best furniture options for your workplace.

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