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Introducing The New BizFurn Visitor Chair-bed


About 8 months ago the staff at BizFurn fielded a number of enquiries for fold-out lounges that could be used in hospitals, and in particular in the children’s wards for parents rooming in with their children overnight. It seemed that whatever was out in the market wasn’t suitable for the application, or the lifespan was too short before needing replacement.

BFX Head Of Design, Erick Buma, set upon the task of researching what was currently available and why it wasn’t acceptable, with a view of designing a product specifically for the market that would meet all the required criteria.

Mr Buma said that he needed to come up with a product that firstly had to go the distance in strength and durability. “The main problems that hospitals are commonly facing with the current product is that it is just not designed for a commercial market. All I have seen used in our local hospital is a single lounge with a fold-out bed mechanism. Exactly what you might buy for the home to be used on the odd occasion when a friend or relative needs a place to stay for a couple of nights. The problem with this sort of product  is many-fold in a hospital situation. Firstly they are very large. They are often fitted with over-sized, over-width arms that make the chair really bulky. This means that they take up valuable floor space. The mechanisms that operate these fold-out beds are clumsy, light weight, and difficult to operate.” He said.

Taking design cues from other products on the market and adding to that the need for comfort, durability and ease of operation, Erick and his design team set about the task of coming up with the best solution for the user.

“We combined dual density foams and a unique wedge-shaped cushion design to ensure that whether sitting or lying down, the user is as comfortable as possible. We also wanted to ensure that the Chair-bed complies with infection control standards. This means that there are no hideaway nooks and crannies for bacteria to gather and breed. Simplicity of design and ease of access to all areas for cleaning and disinfecting is one of the key aspects of this design,” Mr Buma said.

“We also looked to make the design as narrow as possible without compromising the width of the mattress. Many of the designs currently on the market occupy too much space, and this interferes with nursing staff accessibility to the patient in the bed.” He said.

BizFurn are so confident with the new Chair-bed that they are offering a market leading 7 year warranty against faulty manufacture leading to inoperability. Along with the BizFurn Adjustable Patient Lounge range, the only product of its kind to achieve AFRDI certification and TGA design approval (class 1 medical device), the new BizFurn Chair-bed will make a welcome addition to all hospital and care facilities requiring the ability for someone to stay overnight for inpatient support.

The result is now ready for the market, and BizFurn is excited and proud to introduce to you the latest addition to the Health and Aged Care Furniture stable.

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