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Why Go Modern With School Furniture


School furniture is the last thing anyone would think of as modern. But there has been a recent change as schools are starting to update into the 21st century. Two who have done this are Chatworth State School and Ipswich State High School. Using BizFurn's wide range of furniture designed specifically for schools, they both updated their resources centres and IT labs, modernizing these rooms and impressing everyone who saw them.

However the nice looks of the new school furniture was secondary to the fact that the modernisation made the rooms more functional and amplified the learning experience. Most school rooms are now split up into more than just the 'teaching area' and the 'learning area'. Learning by computer has become daily life for most students and a modern school should reflect this. By utilising BizFurn's selection of modern furniture your school or educational facility can be updated to an internationally recognised quality without costing a fortune. All our desks and chairs are designed to be ergonomic and long lasting as well as stylish.

Here is a small selection of furniture we have to offer:

Pozzi™ Student Chair

Simple and comfortable, the Pozzi Chair is ideal for a standard classroom. It comes in three sizes and colours to match any age group and colour coordination. The main focus of this chair is posture support and comfort and is stackable for easy storage

Equip Round Ottoman

For simple library seating consider an ottoman. We supply ottomans of many shapes, sizes and colours. They are easy to move around for students and give a more relaxed atmosphere than what would be achieved with chairs.

Equip Mat 

Perfect for situations where students will be sitting on the floor (think assemblies or class conversations), these floor mats can take some of the strain from the backs of students. These can come either circular or rectangular and in a variety of colours.

BFX Smartable™ Twist™ Table

A very popular choice, this table has wheels on two of the legs for easy mobility. It has a sleek, waving edge top that interlocks with other tables for a unique design detail but also functionality. It has a wide colour range and comes fully assembled and installed for you.

BFX Jupiter Mobile

We at BizFurn offer more than just chairs and tables. This mobile storage system is an excellent choice for behind a teacher's desk, an office or as storage for the students. It comes with two drawers, the top pen drawer with a lock for safety and a bottom filing drawer. It's mobility allows for easy rearrangement when necessary.

This is only a fraction of the range offered at BizFurn, both online and in store. If your school or educational facility is considering updating or just needs to replace a few items, have a browse of our furniture, starting here.


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