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Case Study: Corpus Christi Catholic High School

Corpus Christi Catholic High School

BFX worked closely with the Architect to create learning spaces at Corpus Christi Catholic High School where students have more freedom in where they learn.

Learning Spaces emerged where students have the opportunity to work differently; whether it be collaboratively, or student to teacher whilst achieving desired learning outcomes.

Student’s all have different learning styles and preferences, a diverse range of furniture can stimulate students and provide a variety of ways to learn.


Project Details


Project Name

Corpus Christi Catholic High School – NSW

Project Scope

Provide 21st century school furniture for multiple learning spaces

Duration of Project

1 month

Key Services

Coordinate furniture selection with the Architect. Supply, deliver and installation of furniture.

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“Using BFX has been a seamless task from my perspective. They have quite a broad range within their catalogue that accommodates a number of different approaches to learning. We were able to select elements through there that ready did reflect the overall vision. It enabled a very easy day to set up and then hand over for the school.”

Daniel Smith

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