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BizFurn Express remembering Australia’s past


BizFurn Express is donating $10,000 in School Furniture to the winning school as part of the Read 2 Remember Aussie Pride Competition! The Read 2 Remember Competition is run by SunnyKids – a Community Based Charity

About Read 2 Remember

Read2Remember, an initiative of SunnyKids, will help our younger generations to never forget those who fought for their freedom, by remembering their bravery, mateship and humour, through literature and learning. Read2Remember uses creativity and education to emphasise the importance of Remembrance Day in a positive and progressive way. Launching in Queensland, Australia on the 11th of November 2011 at 11am.

Who can get involved?

Read2Remember is a community event bringing together children, adults, schools, clubs, businesses and community groups. •Schools •Parents •Grandparents •Teachers •Students •RSLs and Services Clubs •Businesses •Individuals

About SunnyKids

Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. SunnyKids aims to break intergenerational cycles of poverty and disadvantage, providing the hope and resilience necessary to move forward, both as individuals and as a society. SunnyKids maintain that every community problem has a community-based solution, and that effective solutions emerge when the community comes together to share expertise, resources and effort. To find out more about SunnyKids and their education unit go to their website

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