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Connect with Your Students Using These 5 Easy Activities

Connect with your students
Connect with Your Students Using These 5 Easy Activities The best teachers know the secret to connecting with their students is building positive relationships with them. They understand that the key to unlocking their student’s academic potential is opening them up to the idea of asking for help. School can be a socially and academically daunting time, no matter the age of the student. Every class will have a mixture of class clowns, backseat bandits, pot stirrers and silent observers. The classroom should be a fun and supportive learning environment for all students. They will never put their hand up if they don’t feel like they can trust their peers or their teacher to back their ideas. Some teachers are naturals at building a rapport...

How To Create A Positive Classroom Culture

Classroom Culture
How To Create A Positive Classroom Culture Building a positive classroom culture is a gradual process that if done right, can create a shared sense of community and respect in the classroom. A classroom culture reflects the values of the teacher and the student. It’s about creating a positive and safe environment where students are encouraged to listen and be heard, offer ideas without judgement, and build long lasting relationships with each other. Set Responsibilities Rather Than ‘Rules’ When we think of rules we often think of someone telling us what we ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ do. There’s a distinct difference between enforcing a set of rules for students to follow, and coming up with a shared set of responsibilities together and following them. Shifting the...

[Take the Poll] STEM VS STEAM: What Will the Future Bring?

STEM vs STEAM: What Will the Future Bring? There is no denying that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, otherwise known as STEM, has become a major component in today’s education curriculum. If you’re an educator, chances are you’ve already heard about the STEAM vs STEM debate, or weighed in on it yourself. Over the past few months there has been quite a debate over STEM vs STEAM with a surge of supporters for both sides. In Australia, STEM is a widely-recognised program in schools with the Australian Government investing in the training of educators and funding state-wide strategies to incorporate STEM learning into the curriculum. Key aspects of those strategies focus on building teacher capabilities to transform STEM learning, increasing student engagement in STEM learning as...

Would You Try Flipped Learning in Your Classroom?

flipped Learning Bannerv2
Would You Try Flipped Learning in Your Classroom? What is flipped learning? The flipped classroom essentially reverses traditional teaching. Instead of teachers talking at students at the front of the room, the learning material is delivered online and consumed by students at home. Whilst classroom time is reserved for ‘homework’, assignments and more hands-on class projects. The idea is that students absorb the basics of a topic at home, and come to class to strengthen that knowledge by putting it into practice. Flipped learning not only makes students active participants in the learning process, but also active investigators as they find online resources to share with their peers. Pros   Students can pause content, skip ahead, slow down and go at their own pace  ...

How Student Driven Learning Environments Impact Student Outcomes

FREE TO LEARN How Student-Driven Learning Environments Impact Student Outcomes By Prakash Nair, Founding President & CEO of Fielding Nair International It’s a surprising fact that the top universities in the world actively recruit home-schooled students for their freshman class. The reason they do so is because these students have primarily been free to study what interests them most, and have “learned how to learn” while doing so. (Business Insider, Chris Weller, 2015) While standardised tests are too often the criteria upon which education outcomes are measured, acceptance into top post-secondary institutions is another good way to measure student outcomes for secondary schools. This criterion is an accurate gauge about the effectiveness of schooling. What Kind Of Learning Do Students Need? It goes beyond celebrating...

New Generational Learning Spaces ARE Making a Difference

In the past decade, schools have been leaving behind the traditional rigid classrooms of old and transforming their classrooms into collaborative learning environments. Today, the design and physical attributes of the classroom are more influential to teacher’s pedagogical practice and student learning than ever. Previously there had been little research conducted into how classroom design, layout and seating arrangement effects student learning. Now we are seeing more schools volunteering their classrooms to measure the outcomes of New Generational Learning Spaces. The term ‘New Generation Learning Spaces’ (NGLS) was derived from the separate works of Radcliffe, Wilson, Powell, and Tibbetts (2008) and Jamieson (2007) that sought to explore the relationship between pedagogy, space and technology. The emerging theme was a dramatic shift to more student-centred and...

BFX Lends A Hand to Nundah Cottages

BFX Lends A Hand to Nundah Cottages
BFX was proud to donate $11,000 worth of furniture including chairs, bean bags, storage trolleys and adjustable height tables to Queensland's Centre for Perinatal & Infant Mental Health. The Channel 9 Telethon was broadcast live on Saturday the 19th of November and raised $12.3 Million for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Hundreds of Queensland children are helped by the Children’s Hospital Foundation every year through both their direct support for families during hospitals stays and also fundraising for world-class medical research and care. The mental health of children is vital to their recovery and post care. BFX Furniture is proud to have been involved in Triple M’s Marto and Ed’s biggest Lend-A-Hand yet! The radio hosts put a call out for volunteers to donate their time and effort to renovating Nundah Cottages, home to the...

Future Classrooms for Future Skills

Future Classrooms for Future Skills
Watch the Video at Yahoo News! Source Yahoo 7 News Chris Campey from 7 News reports that “tablets and smartphones are the pens and paper of today’s learning.” It's becoming increasingly apparent that in the next twenty years more than 40% of Australia’s jobs will be automated. Begging the question, will students be prepared for jobs that may not exist when they graduate? And; What skills are they actually learning to prepare them for the changing world? Schools like Living Faith Lutheran Primary School in Murrumba Downs have joined the New Generational Learning Space revolution and redesigned their classrooms with a more modern look you would expect to find at Google’s head office. The redesign of the Year 6 learning space was a collaborative project between...

New Innovative Designs for Learning


Interactive White Board Smart Tables with Superior finish BFX is one of the largest School furniture suppliers in Australia. With New Designs Every Day™, our new range of Interactive student desks and tables are ready to bring active minds together and enhance agile learning spaces. Our best-selling SmarTable™ range of student tables now feature a superior “White Gloss” finish, fully equipped for students to makes notes, draw ideas and create as they work. Features & Benefits: Student-driven learning with writable surface using white board pens Improve collaboration and creative ideas with large tables Bring a fun experience into the learning space with innovative furniture DESIGNING SMART TABLES FOR BETTER EXPERIENCES & OUTCOMES BFX Interactive White Board Smart Tables are designed to Connect Students with the…

School Furniture Donation to the Compass Institute

BFX is proud to support the The Compass Institute by donating school furniture for their new classrooms in Palmwoods. The Compass Institute is a Sunshine Coast based charity dedicated to providing real futures for young Queenslanders with a disability. Compass Students new classrooms will be filled with lots of colourful new ottomans, book boxes and tote trolleys to help them create flexible spaces for their learning environment. To find more about Compass and the fantastic work they are doing in our community please visit there site here:

Leading Collaborative Classroom Design

It is a big pedagogic change from a traditional classroom from a space dominated by desks in rows to a space suiting 21st century learning that incorporates digital, mobile, independent and social collaboration (Beetham & Sharpe, 2013, Radcliffe et. al. 2008). This disruption can be exciting or distressing, depending on how much control people using the space feel they have in the situation. Before you start to make a change in the learning space, consider including those people who will be experiencing the change in the decision making process. How can you share control and increase their agency and the long term learning benefit? This article draws from some research I have conducted in Queensland schools, where school principal Emma, and teacher Kathryn involved a...

What is Smart School Furniture?


When planning classrooms, school furniture is often just viewed as the commodity that’s needed for seating and storage requirements and is usually reviewed at the end of the design process rather than carefully looked at when initially considering the classroom layout. To create a 21st century learning environment you need to first determine the learning needs of your students. You can then engage them in the design & layout of their classroom but to do this you need furniture that has the flexibility to be moved and rearranged. Smart furniture can be used to create agile classrooms with project-based learning and individual learning spaces for different activities. Smart School furniture has: Flexibility: To provide different learning spaces such as individual; small team work; large group…

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