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Activity Based Workplaces

Collaboration Spaces

collaborate-iconCollaboration Spaces encourage teamwork to unlock innovative thinking. Employees thrive in modern office environments when they have the flexibility to work in teams. Meeting rooms with whiteboards and glass boards support creative brainstorming, while shared workstations ensure a dynamic team can always collaborate.

Focused Spaces

focus-iconFocused Spaces minimise distractions and promote concentration. Closed offices and individual workstations provide a dedicated place for work. While private booths with acoustic walls block out noise, allowing employees concentrate on the task at hand.

Communication Spaces

communicate-iconCommunication Spaces support connectivity and shared ideas between co-workers. Effective communication is vital to connecting people with the shared vision of the company. Whether it’s in relaxed meeting spaces, executive boardrooms or discussing ideas in open workspaces, effective communication is the key to productivity.

Revitalising Spaces

revitalise-iconRevitalising Spaces allow employees to unwind and recharge their batteries. Everyone needs a little down time throughout the work day. Lounge areas, break rooms and bright outdoor settings provide a casual space to relax and return energised.

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