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Environmental Policy

BizFurn Express is committed to setting the highest green standards for our range of furniture and related products. Our products use sustainably sourced materials wherever possible. As the vast majority of our products are Australian made, you can be assured that we have stringent control over the quality and type of materials used; control that can sometimes be lacking from other suppliers sourcing products internationally.

BizFurn Express is committed to a manufacturing process that minimises effects on the environment, including reducing energy consumption during the production process. All raw goods are from reputable sources and where possible, Bizfurn assesses the suppliers environmental attitude.

Replacement parts are available where required. This helps to extend the life of BizFurn products even further, which is in line with good environmental practices.

Environmentally friendly transport methods are adhered to. Delivery schedules are organised to maximise full truck loads wherever possible.


BizFurn focuses on the integrity of social responsibility and the intent of corporate responsibility to drive our vision and lay foundations for sustainable procurement and creative learning environments.

Sustainable Procurement

We recognize that as designers and manufacturers, we have a responsibility to present sustainable products and spaces to the end-user. Consequently we are one of Australia’s leading innovators and designers in Education furniture and learning spaces and renowned for our intelligent and creative furniture. BizFurn Express products are designed and manufactured in facilities certified or meeting ISO 14001 environmental management systems. BizFurn Express quality and environmental management system is independently certified to standards AS/NZS ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

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