2014 North Coast Region E-Learning Teacher Awards


Ken Park from BFX was proud to present the 2014 eLearning Teacher award to Leah Hermann from Brightwater State School.

Leah Hermann won the award for her use of the Explain Everything ipad app to create digital portfolios of her students. This was used to ‘snapshot’ students tasks and provide feedback for them and their parents regarding their learning and progress. Congratulations to Leah for her great digital pedagogy. 

The eLearning Teacher Awards acknowledge the achievements of the region’s most innovative and engaging teachers, all of whom are committed to their ongoing professional development and learning.

“ My Motivation for eLearning is student-centered as it provides many opportunities and possibilities for our students, eLearning provides opportunities to engage students actively in their learning; opportunities for students to innovative and share there creativity to collaborate with others and the ability to differentiate tasks to personalise learning for all students. It's these opportunities that enhance my pedagogy and, in turn student learning. This makes our classroom as safe, supportive environment with endless possibilities.”

-Leah Hermann - Prep Teacher, Brightwater State School Tweet